Are you ready to make your venue COVID Safe

Sanitiser Solutions Australia has all the products to keep your employees and customers safe.

Sanitiser Solutions Australia

Sanitiser Solutions Australia is a family company specialising in providing quality, innovative, reliable and affordable hygiene products. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are flexible and cost-effective for the workplace, educational, public sectors and at home. In the new era of COVID-19 people are becoming more aware, more diligent and more focused on their hygiene. The need for sanitisation products and services is becoming crucial for our health more than ever before. That is why we work to bring these solutions to our valued customers and provide them easy to use products for better health and safety.

Our range of carefully selected and custom manufactured Hand Sanitiser Stations, Hand Sanitiser, Antibacterial Wipes, Alcohol Wipes, Sneeze Guards and Signage have been designed to safeguard the community, workplace and your employees. We are focused on the Australian economy and our goal is to source as many of our products manufactured here in Australia, in an environmentally friendly way.We empower Australian businesses to return to a safe and welcoming environment for staff, customers and visitors alike.



Hand Sanitiser Solutions provided by a leading Australian Supplier. Our products will keep your office COVID safe.

Hand Sanitiser (18)

Antibacterial Wipes (7)

Face Masks (22)

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (8)

Hand Sanitiser Stations (50)

Protective Screens & Signage (22)