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Australian Made Alcohol Free Instant Hand Sanitiser 500ml

This great Australian Made Alcohol Free Instant Hand Sanitiser is perfect for people with sensitive skin and children. No need to worry about the alcohol burning or stinging your cuts on your hands. Comes in a handy 500ml pump bottle. Manufactured and bottled in Australia.
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Kills 99.9% of common germs that can cause disease
  • Dries leaving hands non greasy
  • No water required. Rapidly evaporates
  • A pleasant Vanilla scent after use
  • Contains conditioner to prevent skin from drying out
  • OEM:635160300
  • 500ml

Instant Hand Sanitiser – Hand Sanitiser – Australian Made Hand Sanitiser

Sanitiser Solutions Australia are renowned for offering a wide range of locally produced Australian Made Instant Hand Sanitiser, and best imported range of certified Instant Hand Sanitiser. All products meet the World Health Organisations recommended standards of a minimum 70% alcohol. We offer a large range of options for both gel and liquid instant hand sanitiser. All products are ethically priced and with large quantities on hand, fast friendly delivery, Sanitiser Solutions Australia is your obvious choice in partner.

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