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Livi Interleave Toilet Tissue Dispenser

The Livi interleave toilet tissue dispenser offers convenience and quality for any business looking for a good dispenser for their restrooms. These high impact dispensers offer a simple design to match most decors and deliver tissue products in a clean hygiene way. Livi interleave toilet tissue dispensers help control usage, keep your facility tidy and are lockable to avoid pilferage. This high quality dispenser offers high capacity and utilises single sheet dispensing to reduce usage and wastage. It is designed so that you can take toilet paper without having to touch the actual unit, promoting clean hygiene habits. These dispensers can be installed in all bathrooms for a standardised experience purchasing toilet paper for an entire company.
  • One sheet at a time dispensing
  • Eliminates roll waste
  • Hygienic full cover design for improved protection
  • Lockable
  • Universal Key
  • Colour: Pearl
  • Length: 135mm
  • Width: 122mm
  • Height: 275mm

Sanitiser Solutions Australia provide an extensive range of leading brands you know and trust, such as Kimberly Clark, LIVI, Tork and many more for your Toilet Roll Dispenser requirements. Invest in quality brands that provide not only excellent quality products, but stand by their warranty.

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